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Facing a divorce, separation, custody, or other family law issue is emotionally draining and personally disruptive for anyone. A family law matter can be one of the most stressful and consuming events that one can experience. When selecting an attorney to confront these types of problems, it is crucial to retain an experienced Pittsburgh divorce attorney who concentrates in family law and dedicated to their client’s needs.

The Family Law attorneys at DeRiso, DeRiso, Suher and Jeffries provide rofessional, effective and practical advice, and when necessary, aggressive representation, in and out-of-court settlement negotiation or litigation for all family law matters including:

No two Family Law matters are the same

we understand each client and each situation is unique. If your separation is amicable and you want a positive, humane experience, we can move you quickly through a divorce while protecting your family as a whole — often employing alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative law, arbitration and mediation. For high-conflict, high net worth cases, our seasoned, respected divorce and custody litigators will navigate the legal system, as successful and experienced trial lawyer we are fully prepared to press for what is in your best interests.

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