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When Your Circumstances Change So Should the Terms of Your Divorce Agreement

You may think that when your divorce is all said and done, the decree and paperwork are final and unchangeable. This is partly true. However, with divorce agreement modification, a court can change some of the terms of your divorce decree -- provided one or both of the parties has a significant change in life circumstances.

As life goes on after a marriage ends, you may find that the original divorce agreement no longer fits your needs. Perhaps your financial situation has changed for the worse, or your child has increased educational needs. A divorce agreement modification can make the changes necessary to the original decree, and adjust to your new state of affairs. Talk to the attorneys at DeRiso & DeRiso today to find out more about the process.

Q&As About Divorce Agreement Modification

You may have questions or concerns about modifying a divorce decree. Following are some of the more common

  • What types of divorce court orders can I get modified? Typical modification orders include child custody, child support, alimony, and visitation rights.
  • Will my modification work retroactively? No, a divorce agreement modification only goes into effect when you file your petition with the court.
  • What defines a "change in life circumstances?" You may only petition for a modification if you (or your child) undergo a significant change in circumstances -- not if you're simply unhappy with the arrangements. A few examples would be a major loss of income, a remarriage, a substantial change in your child's needs, or similar issues.
  • Can my ex-spouse and I just make a verbal agreement? A verbal agreement won't hold up in court. Additionally, if you make a verbal agreement -- for example, for one spouse to pay a lesser amount of child support -- he or she is still legally bound to pay the original amount of child support. This can cause major legal problems and even a contempt of court violation.
  • Why do I need a lawyer for divorce agreement modification? While it's true you can file for modification yourself, it's not advisable. The paperwork and filing process can be complex, and if your ex opposes any of your terms, you will need an attorney on your side.

For more answers about modifying your divorce decree, contact our Allegheny County, PA law firm. We can look at your particular situation, help you understand all your options, and get everything in motion to ensure your well-being remains protected.

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