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Divorce / Family LawHandling divorce and family law cases requires not only a highly experienced and effective attorney, but the counsel of someone who can understand the personal or emotional trauma of the end of a marriage. At the law office of DeRiso, DeRiso, Suher and Jeffries, we adapt to the role you need us to play, providing highly personalized support.

That means that if you need divorce representation focused only on the task at hand, we have built a long and established reputation for providing the highest quality of legal service. But, if you also need a lawyer that can be sympathetic to your situation, guide you in a compassionate manner and be a trusted advisor, we can take that role for you as well.

Our goals are simple, to counsel you in divorce related matters with a focus on meeting your needs and providing cost-effective and reliable support.

Handling the Issues Involved in Divorce

A marriage is a contractual agreement between two individuals, a legally recognized partnership involving property, assets, debt, income and personal responsibilities. When that partnership comes to an end, there are seemingly endless decisions to be made about how those responsibilities and assets are divided.

Our attorneys help you effectively negotiate or litigate solutions to the issues raised in divorce, including:

Our goal is to create an agreement that addresses the equitable distribution of property, assets, debt and obligations in a way that meets your needs and protects you now and in the future.

We keep your interests at the forefront of our efforts, providing reliable counsel based on years of family law and divorce experience. We help you make the decisions that will protect your needs while being cost effective, driving toward resolution so you can get back to your life.

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