Finding Spouse's Hidden Assets

Our Divorce Law Attorneys Help You Find All Hidden Assets

The Pennsylvania divorce law firm of DeRiso, DeRiso & Suher know that finding hidden assets in marriage or after divorce can be very tough for the parties involved. Even if you suspect your spouse or ex-spouse is hiding assets from you, it is imperative to speak with an attorney. Contact DeRiso, DeRiso & Suher for guided, experienced representation. Our law firm approaches sensitive issues with compassion, and tailor our solutions so they keep your best interests in mind. Call us today for more information.

Ways to Find Assets Hidden in Financial Documents

Our legal team employs both “old school” and technologically-advanced methods for finding hidden assets in financial documents. Our divorce attorneys formally request taxes and other financial documents and then look meticulously for signs of hidden assets, such as:

  • Salary, 401(k)
  • Undisclosed loans
  • Income-earning and/or nontaxable investments
  • Deductions for estate planning
  • Deductions for a safe deposit box
  • Income generated in other states
  • Hidden businesses

There are ways to get around your spouse should s/he refuse to offer financial documents. Requests can be sent to applicable third parties, such as banks, loan officers, and retirement plan officers. Contact our experienced divorce law firm for help finding hidden assets. We have the know-how and perseverance you need working for you.

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