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Protecting Parental Rights in Child Support and Custody

Child Support & CustodyIn the decades since we began practice, we have seen an important evolution in the way that judges and courts think about the responsibilities and rights of parents. We have seen a dramatic shift away from the idea of fathers having only limited exposure, custody and visitation rights, and more attention given to the idea of joint and shared custody.

Along with that shift is an equal expectation that both parents will share the financial and practical responsibilities of parenting. This is a role that most parents play naturally, and in the discussion of child support our job at the Pittsburgh law office of DeRiso, DeRiso, Suher and Jeffries is to ensure that there is an equitable solution that protects your rights and preserves your relationship with your children.

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Most often we handle child support and custody in existing divorce cases, but we are committed to serving the needs of all parents in and out of the courtroom. Whether you are trying to establish parental rights in a non-marital situation or preserve your relationship with your child as part of a larger divorce agreement, our office can help.

Barring unusual circumstances involving abuse, criminal activity or neglect, most clients come to some kind of shared custody agreement. What we do is help you protect your interests and needs in drafting that agreement, and when there are mitigating factors involved in more unusual cases, we can strongly represent your interests in and out of court.

Our Pittsburgh child support lawyers also support you in evaluating and building a child support agreement. There are clear state mandated child support guidelines, and our lawyers help ensure that the figures used to calculate child support are fair and accurate.

Additionally, we can represent your interests in post-divorce modifications and interstate custody cases.

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