Gun Crimes

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Firearms Possession Can Change Everything

Gun CrimesEven if you haven't used a gun in the commission of a crime, the mere presence or possession of a firearm can change everything. Gun crimes can encompass nearly all other crimes, and affect the severity of even relatively minor charges and their potential consequences.

In gun cases, the need for aggressive, proactive and experienced criminal defense is an absolute must. You need to be certain that the attorney you hire to represent you and your case has the knowledge and attitude to be effective in keeping charges and penalties reduced. We can legally make no promises about future performance. However, we can show more than 50 combined years of highly effective criminal and gun crimes defense.

The Tools to Represent You

Everyone understands that using a gun in the act of other crimes potentially enhances the penalties involved. The presence of a firearm or gun, even if it is never used or even directly related to another crime, can seriously impact your case.

Our Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyers have a proven approach to criminal defense and weapon charges of all kinds. We represent individuals in state and federal courts, aggressively working on your behalf. Our extensive experience as trial attorneys gives us strong credibility with prosecutors and judges who know that we have the tools and resources to build a strong defense.

Handling State and Federal Gun Crimes Cases

Whether you are accused of having used a gun in the commission of a crime, or you are facing escalated charges simply because a weapon was discovered during the investigation of a crime, our Pittsburgh office stands ready to help you get behind a strong defense. Contact us today online or by phone at (412) 452-9712 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your gun crimes case.