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Drug / Narcotic ChargesThe criminal defense attorneys of the Allegheny County criminal defense firm of DeRiso, DeRiso, Suher and Jeffries represent individuals who have been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and were arrested based on the testimony of Drug Recognition Experts. The commonwealth of Pennsylvania has instituted the use of Drug Recognition Experts to assist prosecutors to bolster DUI cases where BAC results aren’t available. A seasoned DUI/DWI defense lawyer—like the ones you will find at DeRiso, DeRiso, Suher and Jeffries — can sometimes get DRE testimony suppressed, often leading to the charges being dropped.

Drug Recognition Experts and DUI/DWI

Successful DUI and DWI prosecutions in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania rely on the State being able to present comprehensive cases to judges and juries. This usually includes the blood alcohol content (BAC), which can be determined via a breath, urine, or blood test. In most cases, however, law enforcement officers are unable to compel a suspected drunk or drugged driver to provide a sample involuntarily. When this occurs, police officers rely on the assistance of certified Drug Recognition Experts or DREs. A DRE is a police officer who has undergone additional training (approximately two weeks) in the behaviors and physical signs associated with drug and alcohol use. If you are represented by a criminal defense attorney who is inexperienced in dealing with DUIs in Pennsylvania, or who has not defended many cases where DREs were utilized, drug recognition testimony can be a very effective tool for the prosecution.

The criminal defense lawyers of Pittsburgh’s DeRiso, DeRiso, Suher and Jeffries are familiar with the techniques that are taught to DREs. In many instances, the conclusions that DREs draw are erroneous and the potential damage to your defense can be mitigated during a trial. Using the expertise of doctors and medical experts, our attorneys have beaten many cases that hinged upon DRE testimony.

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Regardless of whether you provided a breath, blood, or alcohol sample, or a DRE was brought in to provide an assessment of your condition, being arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania is a serious matter, and you need professional legal representation. The DUI/DWI defense lawyers at DeRiso, DeRiso, Suher and Jeffries have successfully defended hundreds of Pennsylvania drivers in their criminal cases.

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