Juvenile Criminal Defense

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Teenagers and young adults often make silly mistakes and do not realize how they can affect their lives negatively. No juvenile should be haunted by a mistake they made or made to pay the consequences for something he or she did not do. An experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney like DeRiso & DeRiso can help you.

What Are Some Common Juvenile Offenses

Young adults and juveniles can break the same laws as any adult. Most of the crimes committed by juveniles are not serious and occur as a result of poor judgement. Some of the most common crimes committed by juveniles include:

  • Disorderly conduct
  • Drunk driving
  • Drug possession
  • Simple assault
  • Driving accidents
  • Theft
  • Trespassing
  • Vandalism

How Can An Attorney Defend My Juvenile?

If you are the parent of a juvenile who has been charged with a crime and you need legal assistance, an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney can help you. Your attorney will fight for your child’s rights and do everything to drop or reduce the charges he or she is facing. Your attorney will assist you with all aspects of your case and work with your best interest in mind.

An Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney Is Waiting To Help You

If you have a juvenile child who has had a run-in with the law and you need legal assistance, contact DeRiso & DeRiso today. Call (412) 452-9712 now for all your legal needs. You don’t have to deal with your criminal case alone.