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Helping Retailers and Distributors with Liquor Law Matters

Liquor LawAt the Pittsburgh law office of DeRiso, DeRiso, Suher and Jeffries our founding attorney was a hearing examiner who listened to liquor license citations and made recommendations to the state. Now we bring that experience, ability and credibility to work for clients and businesses in liquor law matters.

We understand the needs of small businesses, and have established years of proven support for our clients. We bring the credibility of counsel from an attorney that helped guide Pennsylvania state law and the commitment to client service that has served us and our clients for decades.

From Licenses to Citations — Put an Experienced Attorney on Your Side

If you are trying to acquire a liquor license in Pittsburgh, put counsel on your side that once was a hearing examiner for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. He heard cases involving liquor license applications, interpreted the liquor laws, and made recommendations to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Our founding attorney can advise and guide you through the liquor law application process. Or, if you have been issued a citation and are facing potential revocation of your liquor license, let our office represent and advise you.

Our services are well suited to meet the needs of:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores
  • Beer Distributors
  • Night Clubs

With ever changing laws that open up new markets for sale of beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages, as well as expectations for existing sellers, our office is well equipped to meet the needs of liquor license holders and applicants.

Discuss Your Business Needs With the Right Lawyer

We understand the law around applications and protection of liquor licenses, and we have a proven history of assisting corporate clients in a wide range of civil litigation and legal matters. Sit down with our attorney to find out how we can help you apply for or defend your company's liquor license.